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Angels over Kentucky

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted


 The ALS Association Kentucky Chapter is seeking ‘Angels’ to help support Patient Care Services across the Commonwealth.  With every donation made, an ‘Angel’ will be displayed on our ‘Angel Tree’ or our office windows in honor of the Donor or the name of a Loved One.

2016 Progress - Angel


 Your gift won’t just put an ornament on our Tree!

It will:

  • Continue to provide more ALS Research that could finally unlock the secrets of this devastating disease, adding to breakthroughs happening NOW!
  • Provide more support and information for the families of ALS Patients who should not have to live frightened in the shadow of this disease.
  • Increase equipment available to ALS Patients in our Loan Closet, including some of the following*:
    • $25 donation will cover the cost of 2 suction Toothbrushes
    • $50 donation will cover a Bottom/Zipper Hook, Gait Belt, and 2 packs of One-Way Straws
    • $100 donation will cover the cost of a Rollator Walker
    • $175 donation will cover the cost of a Transport Wheelchair
    • $300 donation will cover the cost of a battery - Motorized Wheelchairs require two batteries
    • $500 Respite Grant for KY Chapter patients who use an outside agency 
      •  These are just samplings of some of the many items used on a daily basis by an ALS patient that the Loan Closet provides at no cost to those who may need these items.

Put us that much closer to a cure! 

The 350,000 people worldwide currently living with Lou Gehrig’s Disease are part of a community united in hope, committed to a cure and joined in sustaining each other through the challenges and uncertainties of living with this devastating disease.

Angel Tree Angel (small)

Honor the ANGEL in your life and be an ANGEL in ours!


Our Angel Frank!
Wood Family (AoK2016)

If you are mailing in your donation
please send your check to The Kentucky ALS office at...

The ALS Association Kentucky Chapter
Angels over Kentucky!
8640 Haines Drive; Suite F
Florence, KY 41042

When you send your donation, please note
the honorees name for the ornament

Click Here make your donation online by Credit Card


Happiest of Holidays!
Your Kentucky ALS Association Staff and Board of Directors